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Discover How To Train Your Furbaby

All from the comfort of your home
with our
personalised 1:1 coaching
& online courses


One-on-one online coaching and courses
to help you train your new furbaby
simply, easily and kindly

Overcome common puppy problems and
give your puppy the best start in life!  


Let me help you with:-

Nipping and biting

Potty training

Jumping up

Separation anxiety


Crate training


Pulling on lead

House manners 

Meeting other pets

Come when called

Sit, drop, stay

And Much More...

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

With positive and caring training techniques, we can help you overcome problems and
prevent problem behaviours developing in the first place!


So you can share the life with your pup that you've always dreamt of.


All from the comfort of your home.


🐾 easy to follow online courses

🐾 personalised one-on-one online coaching


🐾 a combination of both to help keep on track

One-On-One Online Coaching



Qualified Puppy and Dog Trainer
Animal Trainer for the Film and TV Industry

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The easy to follow and specifically detailed training videos helped me to understand Tide... and effectively work through the guided steps. I followed the instructions closely and while it took a lot of time and patience on my part it was well worth it. Thank you to Ann and Train My Puppy Dog for the ongoing support and guidance. I now have one care free little boy."

Emma and Hamish


"Being a first time puppy owner it was important to me that I got good instruction in knowing how best to train my new pup so that she developed into a happy, confident and well trained dog. "Train my Puppy Dog" provides just that. It is made up of a series of topic based lessons of varying digestible lengths. The presentation is clear... and easy to follow. I liked that it was presented in a number of different formats... written, verbal, pictures, photos, and video... The method of training was caring and respectful of your dog. I would highly recommend "Train my Puppy Dog" to anyone wanting excellent training for their dog."  

Kathy Stirrup


"The past 7 months or so have been a difficult time to introduce a new pup to our home and into our lives. First, we had the devastating bushfires on the far-south coast of NSW... Now we are living through the impact of the Covid-19 scare... I was at my wit’s end till I met Ann, who has given us both thoughtful support and expert guidance to overcome some troubling issues... I have no hesitation in recommending her (the ‘dog whisperer’) to anyone! Thank you Ann for all your wonderful help and support."

Jaki Crosby

Getting a New Puppy?
Just Got a New Puppy?

This may be your first puppy or you haven't had a puppy for a long time or you are experienced with puppies. 

Whatever the case - it's normal to feel excited but also a little nervous.


After all we just want to create a safe and loving home for our new furbaby.


This Free Mini course will give you quick, easy to understand and valuable tips to help you and your puppy get started the right way!

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