Hi there,


Puppy Preschool is starting very soon!


And we have great news.... our puppy preschool training is tailor made to suit you, your puppy and your lifestyle.


You have multiple options


  • Face to face puppy classes if you live in or near Batemans Bay, NSW


  • Online private coaching

So we can really delve into the areas of puppy parenting that are most important to you.   We can set your puppy up for success with correct socialisation and solve or event prevent some of the those common puppy problems like nipping and biting, house training, destroying furniture, jumping up, …….


  • ​Free Bonus – with either option you also receive bonus online mini courses that you can refer to 24/7


And don't worry! If you choose the online option your puppy will not miss out on valuable socialisation, we’ve more than got that covered!!


To find out how I can help you give your puppy the best start in life, with kind, caring methods that are tailor made to suit you and your puppy - take 2 minutes to fill in the quick form below. 


Your puppy is unique and I’ll have some ‘no pressure' options back to you within 24 hours.


Plus you’ll get some free puppy training tips, so what have you got to lose! 




Have a pawsome day! 🐾


Ann Harris


Qualified puppy and dog trainer


Animal trainer for the TV and film industry