For Puppy Parents

who want to help their puppy grow into

a happy and well-behaved dog

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Every puppy is a unique, and so too are your dreams of how you would like your puppy to fit into your life.


Discover the One-On-One Coaching Program designed to help you train your new furbaby simply, easily and kindly.

A customised One-On-One Coaching Program with guaranteed results!

Overcome common puppy problem behaviours and
give your puppy the best start in life!


Puppies are a bundle of joy, but let’s be honest our cute little puppies can get into mischief! 


They nip and bite with those sharp little teeth, jump up, destroy furniture and rugs, chase the cat, pull on the lead...


After all they are only babies and they need us to teach them what we would like:-

I'll help you train your new furbaby simply, easily and kindly
so you can see quick, positive results!

We'll concentrate on what's most important to you

Nipping and biting the kids

Jumping on visitors

Sick of cleaning up house training accidents

Separation anxiety (especially after lockdown)

Pulling on the lead

Puppy socialisation - the most important thing you can do for your puppy!

Crate training, play pens, baby gates

Keeping your puppy safe

Meeting other pets

Come when called

Sit, drop, stay

and more...

Together we can prevent problem behaviours developing in the first place. 

Saving  you time and money and getting rid of stress.


Your puppy will grow into a confident, well mannered and happy adult dog.  


Training will be fun for you and your puppy!   


I'd love nothing more than to share in the special moments on your puppy parenting journey.

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One-On-One Coaching
60 Minutes
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4 Week Puppy
Accelerator Program


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We''ll treat you puppy like Royalty!

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